Starlight Revolution

January 2014

First Month of 2014 Development


First Newsletter

Welcome, space-fans, to the first issue of the Starlight Revolution newsletter. As this is the first one we've put together, we're very interested in hearing about the things you'd like to see here. Send us an email at with your thoughts!

Progress Overview

This month has seen a lot of progress on Starlight Revolution.

On the art side of things we've done a lot of concepting and basic blockouts, some of which we'll be showcasing next month. You can see one of these in this week's blog entry, but we promise that there's more to come.

As far as code goes it's been a lot of work on basic engine architecture stuff-- the kind of tasks that are good to have done early, as they'll be a lot more complicated to implement later. This month's landmarks included a pretty solid base for mod support, which is one of our major goals with Starlight.

Week 1 is the week we came up with the game's logo, and also includes an animated gif of our taskboard.

Week 2 goes into a brief overview of the game's ai-driven narrative features.

Week 3 covers a technique used to make the game more mod friendly.

Week 4 talks about our art process and more mod-support issues.

Finally, we've started building our presence online. It's still early days yet, so we're very glad to have your interest and support. If you want to see more interesting bits of Starlight Revolution's development, you should check out @Jeckdev on twitter.

The Road Ahead

So, with January just completed and February about to begin, it's time to take a look at some areas we're going to focus on in the upcoming month.

First, we'd like to nail down our core gameplay. We've made a lot of progress in this area on paper and in prototypes, working out designs and decisions that we like, but February is going to be the month where we really focus on getting everything in a playable state.

Second, there's a lot of engine work left to be done, particularly in the area of GUI features- stuff like menu and interface design. How you interact with a game is a large part of the overall experience, and a poorly designed UI can make playing an otherwise good game into a pain. Our goal

Lastly, art. There's an awful lot of it that the game is going to need, and so the more we can do this month the better. At bare minimum, we'd like to have art done for a few unique spaceship classes and a large number of basic props and items.

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