Frosthome was developed for the Ludum Dare (latin for “to give a game”, apparently) 72 hour game jam. The 72 hour jam is actually kind of a second contest the Ludum Dare people hold, mostly for the scrabblers who need more time in their primary, 48 hour contest.

The contest is pretty epic; you have 48 (or 72) hours to create a game from nothing. All game code, graphics, sound, etc must be created during that period. The game is supposed to be loosely based around a theme, which they have five rounds of voting beforehand to select. This month’s theme was “Alone”.

The controls are included in the controls.txt file, which is part of the zip- though one thing I forgot to mention (pretty major issue, actually) was that there’s a double-jump.

I’ve been getting compliments on the graphics a lot, which is kind of funny- I painted them in a huge rush using my Wacom tablet thing, but they came out better than like 90% of the stuff I normally do. Maybe the trick to good art is to be under pressure?

There’s no sound, sadly. I was running out of time and had to cut it. I also had to cut any real level design- I spent too much time building the level editor and not enough actually making levels. There’s a little textual coda at the end of the game, which is basically nonsense written at the last minute to kind of tie it in with the theme.

There’s a few known bugs.

1) It doesn’t run on Windows Vista 64-bit. Runs fine on Windows 7 64-bit, runs fine on Windows Vista 32-bit. I don’t know what’s going on there.

2) The secret message achievement triggers even if you bounce off of the “hidden” platform. (There was a secondary joke theme to the competition, “Kittens”. The joke being that they’d pick something without any deep meaning for once.)

3) If you stand still long enough, you freeze to death. This is not a bug :P

You can download Frosthome here.

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