Sometimes, development on Starlight Revolution can be less flashy than normal. The big projects this week have been support stuff, important but not glamorous.

The major one, and something I'm still working on right now, includes changes to the way that game objects handle time. One of the major issues I've been having is that the creation and destruction of game objects has been an atemporal action, meaning that once an object was destroyed so was all its information.

This was fine when I was recording replays for strictly linear playback, because after a spaceship explodes we don't really care what its health was five minutes ago. However, I've decided that I'd like to support rewinding and skipping around replays, and that means I /do/ care what the health was, because I might rewind the replay to that point.

The end result of all this has been that I've restructured how game objects store data entirely. It's been a lot of work, without much visual progress to show, but now that it's started to shape up I'm quite happy with the end result.

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