Art Workflow

This week I've been doing some further work on concepting out new spaceship designs for Starlight Revolution. Concepting is important, because it lets me keep a coherent vision while working on individual spaceship parts. By using the concept as guideline, I'm able to see how things should work together, and it's also much easier to make large, sweeping changes when I notice stylistic areas that I dislike.

One of the more interesting ideas I've had for this kind of work is displayed at left. My current workflow involves doing top and side view orthographic silhouettes, but yesterday I struck upon the idea of chopping these two images up and arranging them in 3D to give a quick and easy approximation of the final spaceship. I think it works well to give an idea about the shape, though it definitely doesn't define the entire volume.

One of my main focuses right now is on creating art assets, so I'm probably going to be making a lot of these animated spaceship silhouettes.

On the code side of things, this week I've been focusing on GUI work. This is one of the areas I've had trouble with in the past, but I'm hopeful that I've made some decent strides towards success.

The big issue I've been working on right now is automatic layout and reflow. When you resize a website, the text on the page rearranges itself, and all the elements move to the right place. A similar issue exists in video games- everyone wants to run the game at a different resolution, and while they're unlikely to change resolution often, we don't want to have to design more GUI layouts than absolutely necessary.

Another thing I did this week was put together both a personal website. I'll be using the personal website to post articles and blog entries that are about games and gamedev, but not specifically about Starlight Revolution. There's an article there about staying motivated for long projects, if you're interested.

As always, feel free to drop me a line on twitter @JeckDev or leave a comment below. You can also subscribe to the mailing list for monthly email updates on what I'm doing. The first newsletter launched at the end of last month, so if you'd like to see what kind of content you can expect, you can check it out here.

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